Press Jury of XIII Russian Open Ballet Competition «Arabesque–2014»
named after Ekaterina Maximova

    Chairman of Press Jury
  • Sergey Korobkov—Moscow, Russia

    Press Jury Members:

  • Cristiano Merlo—Milan, Italy
  • Larisa Barykina—Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • Lyudmila Demeneva—Perm, Russia
  • Natalia Levkoeva—Moscow, Russia
  • Aisylu Kadyrova—Kazan, Russia
  • Alexander Maksov—Moscow, Russia
  • Elena Fedorenko—Moscow, Russia
  • Emi Hariyama—Berlin, Germany
  • Wendy Perron—New-York, USA



International Jury of XIII Russian Open Ballet Competition «Arabesque–2014»
named after Ekaterina Maximova

    Artistic Director and Chief of the Competition Jury
  • Vladimir Vasiliev—Russia, Moscow

    Jury Members:

  • Nina Ananiashvili —Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Nikolai Boyarchikov—St.-Petersburg, Russia
  • Dietmar Seyffert—Berlin, Germany
  • Morihiro Iwata—Yokohama, Japan
  • Alexey Miroshnichenko—Perm, Russia
  • Pedro Carneiro—Lisbon, Portugal
  • Jae Keun Park—Seoul, Korea
  • Tatiana Predeina—Russia, Chelyabinsk
  • Yukari Saito—Tokyo, Japan
  • Vladimir Tolstukhin—Russia, Perm
  • Kirill Shmorgoner—Russia, Samara

    Executive Secretary of the Jury
  • Marina Panfilovich—Moscow, Russia


XIII Russian Open Ballet Competition «Arabesque–2014»
named after Ekaterina Maximova
(the time of viewings and the amount of viewings in each round can be changed)

April, 2 (Wednesday)Arrival and registration of the participants
April, 3 (Thursday)Drawing number procedure16:00
April, 3 (Thursday)Opening ceremony. Concert19:00
April, 4 (Friday)1st Round18:00
April, 5 (Saturday)1st Round12:00, 18:00
April, 6 (Sunday)1st Round12:00, 18:00
April, 7 (Monday)Rehearsal day
April, 8 (Tuesday)2nd Round12:00, 18:00
April, 9 (Wednesday)Drawing number procedure for participants of contemporary choreography competition10:00
April, 9 (Wednesday)2nd Round12:00, 18:00
April, 10 (Thursday)Contemporary choreography competition12:00, 18:00
April, 11 (Friday)3rd Round12:00, 18:00
April, 12 (Saturday)Closing ceremony
Gala of laureates
April, 13 (Sunday)Grand gala of laureates19:00


Dear Applicants!
Since The George Balanchine Trust is now working at regulation of legitimate use of the choreographer’s legacy, we are strongly recommended to allow performing George Balanchine’s choreography at the Competition only if the competitor has a permission of the Trust.
Our attempt to find a compromise concerning our Competition has not been a success. That is why we sent a letter to all the applicants having in their programme pieces choreographed by Balanchine, asking them to replace these pieces by any other pieces.
At the same time, we know that participants have the right to change their programmes before the beginning of the Competition, and we earnestly ask you not to insert pieces by Balanchine into your programme if you have no special permission of the Trust to perform them.
Thank you for your understanding.

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